Monday, August 31, 2009

Jonas Brothers Concert

The pic above was entered into the 104.5 The Cat radio stations "Best Jo Bro Fan" contest. The girls won and each got a sound check pass, front row tickets, and more.
Amber is singing on stage at Rupp Arena with the Jonas Brothers!! Nick invited them up when the girls gave them a dress tey had made out of Jo Bro posters. At some point during the song, Joe shared his microphone with Amber for a verse. The girls played musical chairs with the Jo Bros -Amber won!

Meet & Greet with Jordan Sparks!

Amber is enjoying her front row seats!!

The girls decided that a sharpie wouldn't get the attention KY wanted to have to show the boys some love, so they made a banner and had help from the Jo Bro Team in putting it on the Fan Bus. It says, "KY [hearts] JB".

The crowd gathered out side to welcome

the Jo Bros! They were getting out to go play ball in the parking lot. So, it was cool to see the Bros playing their game while the crowd watched...

(From left to right) Carsen, Grace, Hannah, Summer: Signing THE BUS and taking pics :)

The background: The tickets went on sale in the early springtime of this year...The girls had been persistent with making sure Robbie knew the details of when then tickets went on sale. They somehow convinced him that he had to have our tickets in his hands (or at least a receipt) THE DAY OF the sale. They were determined to NOT be left behind because of a sale out.

When the time finally arrived to buy them, I had a very busy day at the office and I remember getting frequent phone calls from Robbie that day most of all. It wasn't until it was almost time for me to go home that I got the call I had been waiting for. After many many attempts, Robbie had bought the tickets! Here are the numbers: Membership to the Jo Bros fan club -$50.00 (this got us early purchasing oportunities), Four tickets for our Mother/Daughter Blast -$398.??, Time it took to get the tickets: 8+ hours, Time to wait for the "Event of the Year"-5+ months, Smiles/hugs/moments of gratitude -immeasureable. Such fun we had anticipating the big day.

I commend Amber, Hannah and Grace with admiration for their interest in music/JB that is free of bad language or any other inappropriate content. Way to go girls!