Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Poem written for Grace

Oh what a privilege
it is to be your loving Mommy.
Awakening each morning
to feel your hand upon me.

To behold your sweetest smile
breathe your powder fresh smell
of innocence and amazing love
that I dearly adore as well.

"Wake up, Mommy!"
"Come on," you say
as you welcome me
into your busy day.

The little pitter patter of your tiny feet
brings a grin of joy to my laughing face
as you quickly lead the way
to your carefully chosen place

Together we decide
what we're going to play
as we cherish every moment
God has given us this day

I love you so very much
my love could never measured
together we can do anything
you truly are my treasure.

Nicole B. Hume, Mother of Amber, Nicolas, Hannah and Grace, October 1998

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