Saturday, September 13, 2008

Memories of my Grandmother

Amber and her cousin, Allan on Christmas
Well, this marks another week spent working hour after hour on generating a long review of documents and accumulating comp time. My career requires that I travel at times, and this week was very different in one dramatic way. I actually found myself working out of an office that is a mere block from my Granny’s former home and my childhood “home away from home”. So, I REALLY missed her this week. Granny did a lot for me, my siblings and our family. After my parents divorced, Granny’s house was a place that I still felt remained wholesome and safe (from the turmoil of broken relationships). So, this week, as I produced high volumes of work on behalf of the public, my mind skipped along the precious path of distant yet, not forgotten places. Memories that are treasured but not often indulged were playing in my heart and mind. Although I haven’t walked through her doorway in many years, I still felt today that same fresh feeling of having spent time with Granny when I was little girl.

By the grace of God, I remember my time with Granny in detail. I fondly remember my brother and sister (and me too) opening presents at Christmas. Even Santa left gifts for all the children at her house. Gosh, I LOVE that! Her gifts were thrilling J! She had stockings hung by the fire, stuffed full of goodies and each gift was decorated with a variety of ribbons, bows and accents that made the recipient always feel special to her. I can even remember my brother laughing as he unwrapped a surprise (and pulling off a “surprise” is not easy, is it?!). I remember the garden in the backyard and the fresh vegetables that grew there. I remember the books all over the house. And, then nights when she read to me at bedtime. I remember falling asleep hearing the sound of her voice reading Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingles Wilder.

I remember my sister and Granny talking, catching us all up on details of what had happened while we apart during that mostly brief but sometimes long stretch of time Granny loved to call a “Coon’s age!” Trust me, I could write an entire book about the stories both sister and Granny told.

I remember the scarecrow made of stuffed blue jeans, a stuffed flannel shirt and a straw hat sitting on the porch in the fall. I remember Dad, Aunt Jonnie, and the rest of us sitting around the dinner table eating Granny’s fried chicken on Thanksgiving. She always had enough delicious chicken legs for me.  And, she was known to make a delicious pot FULL of chicken and dumplings for Michele. Yes, Granny even made frog legs. I ate some of those while sitting on the front porch waiting for the turtle soup to be ready to eat. Ah, and sitting on the front porch swing with Granny (just the two of us) was like heaven on earth. What wonderful memories my Granny gave me.

May you experience the love of Christ ... Then you will be filled with the fullness of life and power that comes from God.~ Ephesians 3:19

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Michele said...

Nicole, That was beautiful! You reminded me of so many things I had forgotten. Remember how she would cheat at conasta (sp?). Aunt Jonnie tried to get that swing for me but it's no longer there. Wish I had thought more about it at the time.